As a company that specializes in window and door repair and installation services in Los Angeles, California, we address all local requests and do so with ultimate professionalism. You can trust our team with an urgent window repair or a home door installation service and be absolutely sure about the expert way the job is done and the unparalleled customer care.

With Pro Windows and Doors Los Angeles, you gain that priceless peace of mind of knowing that all jobs are done with your best interests in mind. Entry doors, windows, sliding or hinged patio doors, they all play a massive role in the home’s security and energy efficiency, besides the curb appeal. No wonder the quality of doors and windows and most importantly, the way they are fixed and installed makes a huge difference in their performance – by extension, in your peace of mind.

Why us? Because as a committed window and door repair company, we have the professionalism, means, expertise, and know-how to ensure maximum satisfaction – at all levels. Let us tell you how we do it all.

Top in Los Angeles pro windows and doors repair services

Problems with windows and doors cannot be avoided. But our company addresses all LA window and door repair service requests so fast you won’t even remember the problem by the end of the day. Speed matters the most when high-risk doors won’t close or windows fail to shut well. But with our team standing by, you won’t feel the anxiety such problems create. Before you know it, a pro will come out to do the necessary work – whether a house window repair or door service.

Set your mind at ease. At our company, we don’t only send techs quickly to do the required home window repair or fix door problems, but also qualified to complete the service by the book. You see, not all doors and windows are the same – in terms of type, material, style – anything. And so, you will be relieved to hear that our team is an expert in all types of doors and windows – external and internal doors, French doors, hinged and sliding doors. Also, hung, casement, sliding, skylight – all windows too. Not only do you get fast solutions to your problems but also excellent home door repair and window service.

Your go-to company for door & window installation too

Your troubles are tackled at once, unless it’s time for you to find a replacement window. Yes, we know. Sometimes, fixing an old window or door is not worth the expense. And frankly, it’s not the best method to secure your home, to avoid energy loss and troubles. But don’t you worry. If you seek a door or window replacement contractor right now, our team is still at your service, fully prepared to make such a project a breeze for you. And there’s more.

Say you want door installation from scratch. Say this is a new construction and there’s a need for the installation of new doors and windows. Isn’t nice to know that you can rely on LA’s best suppliers, sellers, and installers? To be sure of the quality of the products, the customer service, and the door & window installation? Let us assure you. We make it all happen and indeed, in the most stress-free way for you. Expect nothing less from Pro Windows and Doors Los Angeles – the number one company for complete services. And do you know what? The only thing you have to do is call us with your inquiry. Why don’t you?